Fire extinguisher is the one which is the most ordinary and generally used nearly all over the place among all the fire fighting equipments. People have fire extinguishers at their house and sometimes even installed inside their vehicles also. Selecting a fire extinguisher may be sometimes somewhat not easy as there is a broad variety of fire extinguishers offered in the market place.

While selecting fire extinguishers, one should be more cautious since every fire extinguisher has its individual potential to extinguish the fire. In addition, different fire extinguishers are used for different cases. Fire extinguishers are classified in various groups which are based on their uses. As well, they have ranking according to the numerical value. These classes are named as Class A, B, C and D.

Fire extinguishers of all these classes are used for various kinds air coupler Manufacturers of fire that is fire because of different sources. The most ordinary class is, ‘A’. These fire extinguishers are used for the usual flammable substances. These usual substances can be wood, paper, card board and other related common things. Class B which is the next class of fire extinguishers is the group that is used to extinguish the fire because of few combustible and few flammable chemicals such as gasoline, kerosene, grease and so forth.

After this category, the nest class comes is the Class C fire extinguishers. These are the fire extinguishers that are utilized to extinguish the fire setup due to the reason of short circuiting in electrical gadgets. This is the only class in which the water requirement is strongly restricted because of the danger of electric shock. These are the only extinguishers that posses no numeric values. The numeric values on the fire extinguisher cylinders can indicate the percentage of water present in it. The main reason why they do not posses any numeric value is, in the case of electric fire hazard, the water requirements is strongly restricted.

Last but not the least is the Class D fire extinguisher, which is the only one that is generally found in the laboratories, even in the school laboratories also. The reason for this is the presence of magnesium, sodium, potassium & other dangerous elements.

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​Even when it is daylight, a good flashlight is a must. LED flashlight last longer than an incandescent and will keep running even as the batteries get depleted and there’s no bulb to have to worry about changing.

Flares are not only good for signaling and preventing people from crashing into your car but you can use them for starting a campfire.

Multi-head Screwdriver
Having a multi-head screwdriver ensures that you’ll have the correct type and size in order to fix minor problems while on the road.

Another practical product to have in your Air Quick Coupler Wholesalers tool kit is a screw holder. A screw holder enables you to put the screw straight into the screw insert and tighten up the screw.

Adjustable Wrench
If you are going to have only one wrench in your tool box, choose an adjustable wrench. Wrench is cosidered the most basic tool for auto repair and are useful for replacing most parts on your vehicle.

Pliers are essential if you want to change hoses, work with difficult connectors, and sometimes even brake work. You won't get far with DIY car maintenance without some.

Tire Pressure Gauge
As the name implies, this tool is used in checking the tire pressure. Make it a habit to check your vehicle’s tire pressure as a safety precaution.

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